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Powder Coating Services


Tarsco Bolted Tank, a TF Warren Company, utilizes a custom designed, continuous automated coating line able to apply powder coatings to the industry’s highest standards.

All steel is prepared by abrasive blasting to SSPC SP10/NACE2 surface preparation specifications with a controlled sharp, dense profile of 1.5 – 2.0 mils to ensure maximum adhesion values. This ensures the metal surface is free of all visible oil, grease, dust, dirt, mill scale, rust coatings and other foreign debris which could interfere with the coatings process and impact durability.

After blasting, all tank materials pass through a four-stage washer. The washer uses reverse osmosis water that removes all water hardness. The parts then pass through the following stages: cleaner, rinse, secondary rinse, and zirconium pretreatment.

The application booths are designed for quick color changes to facilitate customer requirements and a wide range of powder coating products.

Our custom designed powder application process offers uniform thickness and appearance over the entire surface by preprogramming the guns for each job. Manual touch up guns are available for challenging shapes.

Gas Gel Convection Oven

Allows for the partial rapid cure of the first coat before applying the second or finish coat in the multi coat system. This minimizes powder blow off and eliminates cross contamination while improving quality.

Gas Infrared Boost Oven

Allows for a quick ramp up of curing temperatures. This enables the finishing line to cure large heavy cross sections uniformly and consistently. The gas IR boost makes this oven extremely efficient and therefore allows the convection cure oven section to be reduced in size while also allowing for cure temperatures to be lower making it highly efficient.

Gas Cure Convection Oven

Enables the final cure of the paints traveling through the system. Because it has a gas IR boost oven in front, this line has the ability to be programmed to cure both lightweight thin parts and heavy parts on the same line without shutting down the line.

Part Size Capabilities:

  • Part size: 48” wide x 84” high x 25’ long
  • Part weight: 12,000 lbs.




The coatings system Tarsco Bolted Tank employs reinforces the long held philosophy that the processes and equipment utilized are as important as the coatings themselves.

Send us your inquiries for all your coating needs. Our globally recognized SSPC QP3 certifies we have the expertise and knowledge to take on your next project.


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