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Dry Bulk Storage Tank Options

Tarsco Bolted Tank is your single source designer, manufacturer and erector of dry bulk silos. Our experience and dedication to quality has made us the industry leader in dry bulk storage facilities and dry bulk material handling. The Tarsco Bolted Tank team of specialists can create storage tank solutions that are custom engineered to meet the exact requirements of your project. Epoxy powder coated bolted dry storage silos are available through Tarsco Bolted Tank.

Tarsco Bolted Tank silos can be used to store a variety of dry bulk solids, which include:

  • Gravel
  • Coal
  • Sand
  • Cement
  • Woodchips
  • Carbon Black
  • Food Products
  • Sawdust

In addition to storage purposes, the silo can also be used to fill a dump truck or bulk trailer with the stored material. Silos are typically categorized in three basic arrangements regardless of their construction method:

  1. Fully Skirted with the silo cylinder walls extending all the way to grade and with the elevated hopper outlet cone contained within.
  2. Short Skirt with an abbreviated cylinder wall that only extends a few feet below the hopper/sidewall connection point. This design allows for placement on elevated structures.
  3. Flat Bottom is used for exceptionally large volume applications in conjunction with mechanical or pneumatic reclaim equipment.

Fully skirted silos with truck-drive-through (TDT) arrangements are typically used for trans-load facilities. The TDT configuration provides an option that requires less integration of auxiliary equipment and the ability to engage in more efficient processes. Silo selection should be a paramount aspect of facility planning and the support of a practiced and knowledgeable partner will significantly enhance the overall

Our experts at Tarsco Bolted Tank are at the forefront of the industry in engineering and construction of Dry Bulk Material Handling and Storage Facilities. We design and erect tanks that give you the most advanced dry bulk storage solutions in the industry at the best possible value.

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dry bulk storage tanks

dry bulk storage tanks

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