Looking for a storage tank solution for potable water?  Tarsco Bolted Tank completed this 21.54ft wide by 23.25ft high potable water tank in Kimper, KY.  This carbon steel, epoxy coated tank was designed to AWWA D103 standards with a total nominal capacity of 63,374 gallons. Our complete process of engineering, manufacturing and construction allows the experts at Tarsco Bolted Tank to provide a single source solution for all your water storage needs. Click here to learn more.  

Project Spotlight: Tarsco completed these six refrigerated LPG (API 620) tanks for a major midstream company in south Texas, USA.  Tarsco designed, fabricated and erected (4) 200,000 barrel tanks and (2) 100,000 barrel tanks, including the foundations design, erection of the tanks, painting and insulation, stair towers design & erection and PRV & instrumentation installation. A valued client of Tarsco, we also erected seven atmospheric (API 650) tanks on this project.  Click here to learn more. 

Tarsco Bolted Tank completed these two carbon steel wastewater storage tanks for cereal manufacturing in Memphis, TN. Designed to AWWA D103 standards, these new 17.83ft wide by 29.44ft high tanks have a total nominal capacity of 54,987 gallons and usable volume of 51,096 gallons.  Tarsco Bolted Tank can provide wastewater solutions for a variety of applications such as anaerobic digestion, sedimentation, flocculation tanks, clarifiers and holding tanks. Click here to learn more.

Blastco, a TF Warren Company, specializes in the abrasive blasting and application of protective coatings and linings for new and maintenance projects.  Our certified professionals are well equipped to prepare and apply protective coatings and linings to a multitude of substrates and surfaces including thermal spray to above ground water storage tanks, dams, silos, wind towers, and water and wastewater treatment plants.  Click here to learn more. 

Tarsco Bolted Tank completed this 20.05ft wide by 70.42ft high 304L stainless steel wastewater storage tank in Wisconsin Rapids, WI.  The product being stored is white water with a total nominal capacity of 166,389 gallons and usable volume of 161,664 gallons.  The experts at Tarsco Bolted Tank can design, manufacture and erect a custom solution for wastewater storage to fit your unique project requirements.  Click here to learn more. 

Tarsco specializes in the design, engineering, and construction of API tanks. This project consisted of six API 650 aboveground tanks used to store gasoline products, ethanol and ultra-low sulfur diesel, located in Las Vegas, NV. Five of the tanks had internal floating roofs, and all six cone roof tanks were 56’ tall with diameters ranging from 45’ to 115’.  Learn more about the solutions that Tarsco can provide by clicking here

Tarsco Bolted Tank completed this 343,981 gallon fire protection tank designed to NFPA 22 standards in Syracuse, UT. This carbon steel tank is 40ft wide by 36.59ft high and includes a 24’ manway, 30” x 46” flush cover, and an exterior ladder with fall protection system.  Our experts can create individually engineered tanks to serve as dedicated reservoirs and water supply configurations for commercial, industrial and municipal applications. Click here to learn more about Tarsco Bolted Tank. 

The crew at Tarsco Bolted Tank completed this 40ft wide by 23.25ft high carbon steel fire protection water storage tank in Bordentown, NJ.  The tank is designed to NFPA 22 standards with a total nominal capacity of 218,575 gallons and 204,474 gallons usable volume.  We are able to provide a range of Factory Mutual (FM) approved tanks in addition to a selection of varied sizes that comply with NFPA-22 requirements. Click here to learn more about the solutions for fire protection water offered at Tarsco Bolted Tank.  


Tarsco, a TF Warren Company, can help retrofit an aluminum geodesic dome for your storage tank. On this project located in Central America, our field crews were erecting a geo-dome which will be installed on the new upper shell ring that we also replaced.  Tarsco is a full service contractor that provides tank repair, maintenance, engineering and construction for turnkey terminals and large scale projects.  

Although Brant Corrosion Control’s specialty services are used in many industries, we are also known for our chemically resistant protective linings for the mining and water treatment tank industry. Due increasing pressure from agencies monitoring and setting the acceptance levels of VOC emissions, chemical companies, spray equipment manufacturers and independent research, we continue to develop new coating technologies.  Our experts at Brant Corrosion Control can provide a solution using rubber linings, liquid coatings and specialty polymers unique to your project specifications.

Did you know that Tarsco, along with Globaltherm can offer a single source solution on your next storage tank/terminal project? Tarsco has 35 years of experience in providing the engineering, procurement and construction of LPG terminals, spheres and storage tanks such as API 620 and 650.  Globaltherm can then design a custom thermal insulation system manufactured and installed by our experts. 

Utilizing the best stainless steel materials available, Tarsco Bolted Tank can provide tank solutions for volume up to 5,000,000 gallons. Major benefits of choosing stainless steel is the longevity, corrosion protection, UV resistance and they are virtually maintenance free. The team of professionals at Tarsco Bolted Tank can design, manufacture and erect tanks with uncompromised quality while staying within your budget and schedule.  Call us today at (866) 700-2500 or click here to learn more.  

A huge advantage of choosing Premium Plate for your steel needs is the freight savings.  Our facility in Mobile Alabama is located on a steel mill with access to truck, rail, and barge which allows for the steel product to be purchased, blasted, coated, and fabricated at one location, saving our customers money.  Click here to learn more about how Premium Plate can provide the steel plate and processing required for your next project.  

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