Blastech and Brant Corrosion Control are now approved members of the Chlorine Institute.  

The Chlorine Institute is the technical information center of the chlor-alkali industry; it is lead by a small group of dedicated industry volunteers. North America produces over $3 billion worth of chlorine, caustic soda, and other alkalis per year. Our membership will allow us to be involved in the technical conversations of providing optimal methods of safely storing chemicals using our rubber lining applications to prevent storage tanks and tank cars from corroding.




Blastech has coated this pipe spool with an epoxy primer and polysiloxane topcoat. As this spool will be installed aboveground, the coating system applied creates a protective barrier, as well as being resistant to UV rays. The spool is one of many that are a part of an on-going TransCanada Pipeline project for natural gas.

Brant Corrosion Control has coated this centrifuge basket with a phenolic primer and FBE topcoat.  The electrostatic application of the FBE allows us to get good coverage in the holes without all the labor associated with other coatings, making this system very economical.  When installed, the basket spins at 800 RPM and is used to separates liquids (or fines) and solids from a slurry. The final product is used in the water treatment industry and the by-product is used in the manufacture of drywall. 

Tarsco Bolted Tank completes another quality stainless steel tank in Idaho. This tank is 21 ft. in height and 95 ft. in diameter.  Tarsco Bolted Tank is committed to being the safest, most cost effective, reliable and customer focused bolted tank supplier in the industry.




Tarsco, along with Blastco, completed the Buckeye Texas HUB Facility project located in Corpus Christi, Texas.  The project consisted of the design, procurement, fabrication, erection and painting of six 185’ diameter x 60’ tall Cone Roof Tanks with Internal Steel Floating Roofs.  Blastco painted the interior and exterior of the tanks.  Well done team!

 The Tarsco Bolted Tank construction crew did an outstanding job completing this fire protection tank in New Mexico.  The Tarsco Bolted crew received wonderful accolades from the customer stating, “thank you to the group for your solid effort to meet the challenging commitments of the site, I was grateful for your teams attitude, being open minded to our processes, willingness to learn and each one being trainable.”


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