• 18,560 Square Feet of Protection . . . Blastech Mobile's Recent Project for a Ground Storage Tank

    18,560 Square Feet of Protection … Blastech Mobile blasted plate to SSPC-SP10, protected edges, and applied 5 mils DFT of a Polyamide Epoxy Primer for a recent ground storage tank project.


  • Blastech aligns with rail industry

    Blastech is proud to announce their recent completion of the comprehensive compliance audit by the Bureau of Explosives for initial M-1003 certification.

    Over the two day period, Blastech was audited for the organization's quality assurance program, policies, procedures, instructions, and other related documentation to ensure compliance under the provisions of the AAR’s M-1003 Quality Assurance Program; in addition, the M-1002 certification technical inspection was also conducted during the audit. No adverse audit findings were discovered; as such, the recommendation for M-1003 certification has been submitted to the AAR Safety and Operations Division.


  • Blastech and Brant Corrosion Control are now approved members of the Chlorine Institute

    Blastech and Brant Corrosion Control are now approved members of the Chlorine Institute.  

    The Chlorine Institute is the technical information center of the chlor-alkali industry; it is lead by a small group of dedicated industry volunteers.North America produces over $3 billion worth of chlorine, caustic soda, and other alkalis per year. Our membership will allow us to be involved in the technical conversations of providing optimal methods of safely storing chemicals using our rubber lining applications to prevent storage tanks and tank cars from corroding.



  • Blastech Attending Toronto Railway Club's 82nd Annual Dinner

    The Toronto Railway Club will be hosting its 82nd Annual Dinner at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel on December 2, 2016.  Derrick Hexamer of TF Warren Group will be attending, representing Blastech for the M1002/M1003 repair and maintenance services. Follow this link to learn more about this prestigious event, Toronto Railway Club Dinner.




  • Blastech Awarded Pipeline Expansion Project for Ontario and Eastern Canada

    Blastech was awarded a pipeline expansion project that was designed to provide the communities of Ontario and Eastern Canada with a safe and reliable source of natural gas. The overall project includes the construction and installation of approximately 12 kilometers of 42 inch diameter pipe to transport natural gas.  The exterior surfaces of the pipe were abrasive blasted in accordance with SSPC-SP10 standards, then protected with an epoxy prime coat and a polyurethane finish coat for the above ground materials; and a 100% solids plural component system for the below ground material.

  • Blastech becomes a Qualified Applicator of Chartek/Intertek Systems

    Blastech has become a qualified applicator of Charlek/Interek.Systems having met the met the qualifications of certification.

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  • Blastech certifica concorde la especificación M-1003

    Blastech está orgulloso de anunciar que ha completado la exhaustiva auditoría de conformidad y ha cumplido con los requisitos del Programa de Aseguramiento de Calidad de la Association of the American Railroads (AAR) según se detalla en la especificación M-1003.

     Descargar Certificado


  • Blastech certifies as specified in M-1003

    Blastech is proud to announce that they have completed the comprehensive compliance audit and have met the requirements of the Association of the American Railroads (AAR) Quality Assurance Program as specified in M-1003.

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  • Blastech Coats Pipe Spool for TransCanada Pipeline Project


    Blastech has coated this pipe spool with an epoxy primer and polysiloxane topcoat. As this spool will be installed aboveground, the coating system applied creates a protective barrier, as well as being resistant to UV rays. The spool is one of many that are a part of an on-going TransCanada Pipeline project for natural gas.

  • Blastech expands to include a railcar coatings and linings facility

    Blastech, a TF Warren company, completed a major expansion in 2015 to meet the soaring demands for interior coatings and linings of steel tank cars. Rail Tank Car Services include, Interior Lining, Rubber Linings, Lining Certification and Change of Service.

  • Blastech expone en Fabtech Canadá

    Blastech se estará presentando en Fabtech Canadá del 22 al 24 de Marzo de 2016.
    Pase por el stand #517 y veanos allí!

    Fabtech Canadá

  • Blastech Processing Large Volume of Bore Pipe

    Blastech is processing a large volume of both small and large bore pipe. This project requires a high build epoxy phenolic lining for the interior. The exterior coating varies from either a standard epoxy or a zinc-rich epoxy with a polysiloxane topcoat based on indoor or outdoor installation at site.


  • Blastech Rail Services Attending Annual Chlorine Institute Meeting March 13-16 in New Orleans, LA

    Blastech Rail Services is participating in the Annual Chlorine Institute Meeting being held March 13 -16, 2017 at the Sheraton New Orleans.  


  • Blastech Rail Services Begins Work on Another Big Project

    Located in Brantford, Ontario, Blastech Rail Services begins work on another big project.  

  • Blastech Rail Services is Strategically Located in Southern Ontario

    Strategically located in Southern Ontario, Blastech Rail Services specializes in epoxy and rubber linings, as well as mechanical repairs on new and rehabilitated tank cars.  The facility is serviced by CN Rail, siding FE47 and is AAR M1003 certified to M1002 requirements. 

  • Blastech se expande para incluir una instalación de recubrimientos y revestimientos ferroviarios

    Blastech, una compañía de TF Warren, completó una importante expansión en 2015 para satisfacer las demandas crecientes de recubrimientos y revestimientos interiores de vagones cisterna de acero. Los Servicios de Vagones Cisterna incluyen: Revestimiento Interior, Recubrimientos de Caucho, Certificación del Revestimiento y Cambio de Servicio.

    recubrimientos y revestimientos interiores en vagones cisterna
  • Blastech to Complete Industrial Duct Project for Power Generation Facility

    Blastech is nearing the end of an industrial ducting project. The project consisted of 62 large panels and miscellaneous small pieces. Each piece is abrasive blasted to SSPC-SP6 specification and primed. Once complete, all of the ducting will be shipped to the site where it will be installed in a power generation facility.



  • Blastech Working on 280 Pipe Spools for Project in Halton Region

    Blastech has just begun a project consisting of 280 pipe spools that will be field welded together and installed underground in Halton Region for potable water. All pipe spools will be abrasive blasted and coated with a solvent-free (100% solids), aromatic polyurethane. This project will be on-going until February 2017.

  • Brant Corrosion Control and Blastech Work Together to Offer More Aggressive Schedules for Large Projects

    At our Brantford Ontario locations, Brant Corrosion Control and Blastech work together to offer more aggressive schedules for large projects including this ducting project awarded to Blastech and then divided internally between the two coatings shops to maximize our efficiencies and deliver expedited results.

  • Brant Corrosion Control Coats Centrifuge Basket with Phenolic Primer and FBE Topcoat

    Brant Corrosion Control has coated this centrifuge basket with a phenolic primer and FBE topcoat.  The electrostatic application of the FBE allows us to get good coverage in the holes without all the labor associated with other coatings, making this system very economical.  When installed, the basket spins at 800 RPM and is used to separates liquids (or fines) and solids from a slurry. The final product is used in the water treatment industry and the by-product is used in the manufacture of drywall. 


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